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Mendip Loxton 3

Multifuel Stove


The Loxton 3, smallest of the Loxton range is a perfect multi fuel stove perfect for smaller spaces but giving all the features of a larger more powerful stove, featuring all the same combustion techniques present in the rest of the Loxton range and all the same helpful design features.

The attention to detail, precision and design is a trademark of Mendip Stoves products is present in the Loxton 3 at 85% it boasts one of the highest efficiency ratings of the whole brand and considering its small size this is quite an achievement. It is this that makes it a perfect stove for smaller rooms and well insulated homes.

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Height: 525mm

Width: 380mm

Depth: 280mm

Outlet Diameter: 125mm

Distance from floor to center of rear outlet: 400mm

Distance from rear of stove to center of top outlet: 107mm


       Wood: 3.2kW
       Coal: 3.2kW

Weight: 60kg


       Wood: 85.6%
       Smokeless fuel: 80.9%

Distance to combustibles side: 480mm

Distance to combustibles rear: 770mm

Product Type: Stove
Make: Mendip
Condition: New
Price: £615
Colour: Black
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