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Mendip 8 Enamel



The Mendip Enamel Range brings an array of colour choice with 4 colours available for both the Mendip 5 and Mendip 8 there will be something to catch your eye and bring warmth and style to your home.

The high quality vitreous enamel used on Mendip stoves gives a lasting glossy finish, meaning that your colour will never dull or fade, keeping your stove the centre piece of your room for years to come. As well as ensuring a lasting colour the vitreous enamel finish protects your stove and makes it very easy to clean.

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Height: 540mm        

Width: 350mm

Depth: 415mm

Outlet Diameter: 150mm

Distance from floor to centre of rear outlet: 430mm

Dist. from rear of stove to centre of top outlet: 175mm


       Wood: 8.3kW

       Smokeless Fuels: 7.7kW

Weight: 93kg


       Wood: 75.1%

       Smokeless Fuels: 66.9%

Distance to combustibles side: 650mm

Distance to combustibles rear: 800mm

Product Type: Stove
Make: Mendip
Condition: New
Price: £1,795
Colour: Burgundy
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